Tiger-to-Tiger Networking

Tiger-to-Tiger Networking with the Valor App

Leverage the alumni network. One swipe at a time!

Opportunity is now one swipe away - we’re proud to introduce a new customized mobile app, powered by Valor Connect, that puts alumni networking, mentoring, and opportunities in the palm of your hand.

Swipe. Match. Chat. It's that easy!

The University of the Pacific alumni network is one of the most valuable resources for any current student or alum. Alumni can help you find jobs & opportunities, provide guidance & advice, give feedback and more. We love when alumni connect with each other (and when alumni mentor current students), and our networking & mentoring community on Valor Connect is the easiest way to make that happen.

Networking can be awkward, unnatural and time consuming, but with Valor Connect, no matter your networking skills, you can connect with alumni and students in a smart, easy and innovative way! Find a mentor, offer advice, explore new things, or just meet interesting new people from our community. The Valor Connect app is completely free and our community is available specifically to University of the Pacific alumni and current students only.

75% of career opportunities are landed through connections, and 95% of alumni would rather hire a fellow alum, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Valor combines your LinkedIn profile and interests you’ve tagged about yourself into an extremely powerful tool, allowing you to find tigers who might make sense to professionally connect with.


1. Download the Valor Connect App from the App store or get it on Google Play

2. Sign in with LinkedIn and select from over 130 professions, majors, traits & skill sets to describe who you are and the type of people you're interested in meeting. 

3. Join the University of the Pacific community and profiles you'd likely be interested in meeting (bases on your selections) appear one by one in the app

5. Swipe profile cards to the right when you're interested in connecting. If the person isn't a good fit for you, swipe left 

6. Chat with your matches in the app -- when interested in connecting is mutual, a match forms and an in-app conversation starts. 

Things you can do on the app:

  1. Find a job, internship or other opportunity

  2. Meet interesting alumni to expand your professional network

  3. Mentor or advise current students and other alumni

  4. Find a mentor or advisor

  5. Learn about different career paths

  6. Get advice, guidance or recommendations from experts

  7. Explore a new industry

  8. Find potential clients or business partners

  9. Hire a summer intern

  10. Recruit a new employee

  11. Find other people with similar professional interests

  12. Leverage new connections for introductions


  • Only Pacific students, alumni, faculty, and other approved individuals have access to the University of the Pacific community
  • Your information is secure and protected - check out Valor Connect's Privacy Policy
  • If you do not request to join the community is not approved within 48 hours, please email Polly Crabtree
  • You’ll never get bombarded with connection requests or emails, because there are none! You just see profile cards of people who may have indicated interest in connecting with you, and you just swipe.
  • Network and/or mentor as much or as little as you’d like. Too busy one week? No problem - just don’t use the app. And Valor takes less than a minute a day to use!





What is the Valor Connect App? 

Valor Connect is University of the Pacific’s new mobile networking and mentoring platform. The app makes connecting with U Pacific alumni and students incredibly fast and easy by literally taking the work out of networking.

What about the Alumni Directory? 

The directory will still be available to use as needed.

 How does it work?

After tagging information about the type of people you’re interested in connecting with professionally, the app presents people you’d be interested in meeting one by one on your phone, in a format almost like a deck of cards. No more searching through the directory!

To indicate interest in having a conversation with someone, all you do is swipe right or tap the thumbs up. It’s that easy. When the interest is mutual, both people are notified that they’ve matched.

You can chat with your matches directly within the app. Make sure to start conversations right away - if no one starts the conversation within 48 hours, the match disappears!

 How do I download the Valor Connect App?

Search for “Valor Networking” in the Apple App Store. Once you have downloaded the app and set up your profile, you can join the University of the Pacific community with the access code provided to you by the school.

 Why did U Pacific “ditch the directory” for Valor? 

The directory isn’t going anywhere, and we considered this enhancement very carefully. Valor uses intuitive and modern technology, intended to break down the barriers that prevent so many students from finding the right mentors, advisors, professionals and people who can help them find and land their dream jobs. It is the first fully mobile university networking & mentoring platform, built by talented engineers with the same usability principles employed by Facebook and Google, as well as several other prominent apps. The alumni networks of schools that use Valor are more connected and engaged, which means more opportunities for you! We believe that Valor will make the greatest number of career & professional opportunities as accessible to you as possible.

 Which devices support the app?

The app is currently available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. The app supports the iOS 7 and higher operating systems. The android app will be available by the end of this year.

 Why do I need to connect with my LinkedIn account?

By signing up for Valor through LinkedIn, your basic profile information (your name, picture, job title, company, summary) is automatically pulled in so you don’t have to re-enter that information. Additionally, any time you update information on Linkedin, your Valor profile will update as well - you don’t need to worry about changing it. Anything marked as private in LinkedIn remains private.

Don’t forget to list our school in the education field in your LinkedIn profile.


Can’t find the answer to your question?

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