Alumni Brick Plaza

Alumni Brick Plaza & Flores Family Gallery of Donors


 All donors to the Vereschagin Alumni House had their names put on recognition discs. Those discs were used to create the tiger "mosaic" in
the Armando Flores Family Gallery of Donors.

Dear Donors,

Thank you for making a gift to the Alex & Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House. The Pacific Alumni Association is grateful for your donation and the role your dollars played in the development of this beautiful facility. It is the hope of the Pacific Alumni Association that this building continues the legacy that you, and many other Tigers, created at Pacific. We are honored to share the Vereschagin Alumni House with the rest of the campus community and use it to tell the next generation of alumni what a strong foundation of alumni leadership has been built for them.

Alumni Bricks

Alumni who made gifts of $1,000 or more were recognized with a personalized brick in the Vereschagin Alumni House Brick Plaza. Please search the gallery photos for your brick. If you have trouble finding your brick, please call our office at (209) 946-2610 or email us.