Alumni Discovery Project

Alumni Discovery Project

The Alumni Discovery Project at University of the Pacific is based in the Office of Alumni Relations. It provides an opportunity for the University to hear your story.

Our hope is that, over the next few years, some of our most talented Pacific students will meet with selected alumni throughout the world as a part of this initiative. Our student engagement officers will also want to hear about alumni experiences at Pacific, about the lives that graduates have made in the years since they left Pacific, about the role the University has played in their lives since graduation, and about what Pacific means to them. This effort will also give alumni the opportunity to hear first-hand about life on campus today.

Since 1851, Pacific has upheld its mission to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience, and we believe that the Alumni Discovery Project fits well into this vision. We believe that the stories of all Pacificans are important and worthy to be shared.

We're excited to provide an opportunity for the Pacific community to continue to grow as students and alumni meet over a cup of coffee and share their unique and common stories.

The Interview
The interview will focus on your life since graduation, your memories of Pacific, and what would motivate you to reconnect with your alma mater. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your engagement officer about student life and the latest news from the University. The information collected as part of the interview will help strengthen programs.

Interview Request Form
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