Rose Walk

Each year during commencement, the 50th reunion class is invited to participate in the Memorial Rose Walk. At this special event, the Class of 1967 will embark on a walk to the stadium where commencement is held, and down the center aisle among the graduating class. You will be given an orange rose in honor of your deceased classmates and guided to your special seating area to enjoy commencement up close as the audience applauds your accomplishment.

Class of '66 alumni Dave and Margaret (Peers) Frederickson described the experience as "special" and a "once in a lifetime event". Dave says, "To me the significance of the event was to be marching with a group of students that are just starting the journey that we’ve already lived. It is a cycle that we complete; they are beginning of the sentence, and we are the period at the end."

Margaret said, "Don’t miss it! It is an honor to have made it to this point. You may think you are not a reunion person, but there will be classmates there who want to see you. My bridesmaid and roommate were both there from opposite ends of the state! They were hesitant at first, but afterward were really glad they’d come."

The rose walk is a memorable experience for all of our 50th reunion alumni. The couple's advice to the Class of '67: don't miss it. "Anyone who could be here, should be here.It is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget."