Awards Criteria

Pacific Alumni Association Award Categories & Criteria


Distinguished Public Service

Created in 1956

This award honors alumni who have made exceptional professional contributions to society through civic or other public service while employed by a non-profit organization or governmental agency.

Distinguished Professional Service

Created in 1956

This award honors alumni who have achieved notable success in their professional field. This may include public or private enterprise.

Distinguished Volunteer Service

Created in 1992
This award honors alumni who have made exceptional contributions to society through volunteer civic or other service.

Distinguished University Service

Created in 1962

This award honors alumni whose contributions to, and efforts on behalf of, the University of the Pacific are worthy of special recognition.

Outstanding Family Award

Created in 1964

This award honors a family, some of whose members have attended University of the Pacific and have given special service, made outstanding contributions, and brought great honor to Pacific.

Outstanding Young Alumni Award

Created in 1984

This award honors young alumni of distinction in any of the above categories who have attended University of the Pacific in the last 15 years.

Medallion of Excellence

Created in 1993

This award recognizes and honors alumni who are faculty, staff or Regents who have exhibited outstanding and exceptional service to University of the Pacific, their profession and community.

President’s Award

Created in 1996

This award recognizes alumni who have given special service to the Pacific Alumni Association.  The nomination is by the President of the Pacific Alumni Association.
Honorary Alumni Award
This award, the highest honor that the Pacific Alumni Association can present to someone who did not attend University of the Pacific, recognizes individuals who through their leadership, personal involvement and support have contributed significantly to the advancement of the University.